Online Casino Roulette Systems

At this point, we would like to take a look at the topic of roulette systems. Are there any roulette systems with which you can win in the long run? We can certainly not finally clarify the question here, but we will try to analyze all the points that speak for and against the existence of roulette systems.

With roulette in the casino and with live roulette in online casinos, you can make use of the statistical deviation of a cup error. Due to manufacturing tolerances, no roulette wheel can be 100% perfectly balanced. If you now evaluate the sequence of numbers on a roulette table for a long time, you can see which numbers appear over frequently, ie you can see which areas in the roulette wheel are preferred by the ball and bet on these areas. The problem with this method is that you need a long evaluation period and you don’t know when the table will be recalibrated/adjusted.

Another method is to watch the kettle. Some professional roulette players are able to use the speed at which the ball is released and the rotation of the turnstile to determine a sector area in which the ball is very likely to land.

Of course, kettle gazers don’t always hit the sector, but they gain such a big advantage over the bank that they can win in the long run. Imagine a cauldron that is divided into 2 halves/sectors like a cake, e.g. red and black. If the kettle-gazer is able to hit the correct sector 60 times out of 100 throws (in this case red or black), then this advantage is enough to win against the bank in the long run. Unfortunately, such professional players are often banned by casinos.

Kesselgucken is therefore ideal for live online casinos such as the William Hill Casino. Online casinos do not have the ability to tell whether a player is a kettle eye. In theory, you could even write software on your home PC to support it that tries to calculate the sector in which the ball will land.

Of course, kettle watching only works in live online casinos. Watching the kettle is of course not possible with software-controlled roulette games.