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Online Casino Roulette Systems

At this point, we would like to take a look at the topic of roulette systems. Are there any roulette systems with which you can win in the long run? We can certainly not finally clarify the question here, but we will try to analyze all the points that speak for and against the existence of roulette systems.

With roulette in the casino and with live roulette in online casinos, you can make use of the statistical deviation of a cup error. Due to manufacturing tolerances, no roulette wheel can be 100% perfectly balanced. If you now evaluate the sequence of numbers on a roulette table for a long time, you can see which numbers appear over frequently, ie you can see which areas in the roulette wheel are preferred by the ball and bet on these areas. The problem with this method is that you need a long evaluation period and you don’t know when the table will be recalibrated/adjusted.

Another method is to watch the kettle. Some professional roulette players are able to use the speed at which the ball is released and the rotation of the turnstile to determine a sector area in which the ball is very likely to land.

Of course, kettle gazers don’t always hit the sector, but they gain such a big advantage over the bank that they can win in the long run. Imagine a cauldron that is divided into 2 halves/sectors like a cake, e.g. red and black. If the kettle-gazer is able to hit the correct sector 60 times out of 100 throws (in this case red or black), then this advantage is enough to win against the bank in the long run. Unfortunately, such professional players are often banned by casinos.

Kesselgucken is therefore ideal for live online casinos such as the William Hill Casino. Online casinos do not have the ability to tell whether a player is a kettle eye. In theory, you could even write software on your home PC to support it that tries to calculate the sector in which the ball will land.

Of course, kettle watching only works in live online casinos. Watching the kettle is of course not possible with software-controlled roulette games.

High Roller Roulette Casino

Roulette wheel in casino, close-up on No. 28.

Roulette system players repeatedly complain about the relatively small maximum bets that can be played in every round of online roulette. The disadvantage of the small table limits is that with the martingale system you can quickly reach the limit if you have repeatedly bet on the wrong color.

Not so at Casino Club High Roller Roulette Casino. The Casino Club offers players the option of wagering up to 5,000 euros per game round and thus provides enough scope for every roulette system. The Casino Club is therefore particularly recommended for high rollers and system players. But not only the limit conditions are excellent.

The casino software used is unique, especially in the field of roulette. There are 3D multiplayer roulette tables in different variants. It is unique that you can see the stakes of the other players. But if you want, you can also play in private with friends at your own reserved table.

Incidentally, new players receive a substantial 100% bonus up to EUR 650 in the Casino Club and there are always new promotions.

The online casino is particularly popular in Germany, not least because of the excellent customer service. The German customer service can be reached free of charge 7 days a week around the clock on 0800 664 48 75.

But who is actually behind the Casino Club High Roller Casino? The CasinoClub is operated by Gaming VC Corporation Limited and has a valid gaming license issued by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta (EU member state). In addition, as an AIM-listed company, CasinoClub is also obliged to comply with the financial regulations of the London Stock Exchange. No question that this is a serious company.


The tip for all high roller roulette players!

If you want to play roulette in an online casino, you cannot ignore the Casino Club Casino. German high roller roulette players, in particular, should test the casino. The multiplayer tables are something very special and give you the feeling of playing in a real casino.

Free Online Casino Games

The casino games free and there just waiting for your connection!

A lot of people who just wanted to have a little fun have stopped visiting casinos in the past simply because they had to put money on the line to keep going.

As a result of this phenomenon, casinos have set up a wide range of popular free games.

For example, you can play Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, and even Craps for free with no financial commitment on your part.

Select a Favorite Casino Games

Play Slots For Free

Slot machines are incredibly popular and you can now access them for free at secure online casinos! With exceptional graphics quality and lots of fun, pop in the chips and spin the wheel without any personal expense! You can enjoy the best of slot machines for free and while sitting in your living room. Sit quietly, relax and start playing!

Play Roulette for Free

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, with large sums at stake and fortunes won or lost at the wheel. Well, now you can play roulette at free casinos without spending anything. Watch the wheel turn, place your bets without taking the risk of losing your shirt on red or black!

Play Blackjack For Free

Being the most popular card game on the net, blackjack is in high demand at every online casino. With easy-to-learn rules and lots of fun, you can join the circle of players without putting any money on the line. Enjoy Blackjack without the expense!

Play Free Video Poker

Video poker is an extremely popular and relatively new game in casinos. The game is very available in casinos if you intend to bet, but not necessarily in the fast play mode. Now you can play for free. Try out the fast-paced and hectic game for yourselves from the comfort of your own home.

Play Craps For Free

Craps is a fun and enjoyable dice game that turns out to be widely available at many online casinos. The iconic game is very popular among casino regulars, with a plethora of bets made, but now you can play for absolutely no cost. So roll the dice and test your luck!